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  • Interested in Car Window Tinting? 4 Common Questions Answered  

    You don't have to break the bank to refine your car's aura. The most effortless method of sprucing up your car's mien is through window tinting. There are three renowned kinds of car window tints. The Dyed window tint is the most predominant in the markets. It consists of a polyester film dyed to an adhesive. Cheap but discolor quite fast. Carbon window tint is another top-notch selection. The infused carbon blocks up to 45% of radiations into your car. Not to mention, it has a peculiar [...]

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    How Residential Window Tinting Benefits Your Property

    For most people living in areas with extreme temperatures, residential window tinting is more of a necessity rather than an option. Even though window tinting is popular in vehicles, to protect the occupants from excess sunlight and to prevent strangers from peeking inside the car, homeowners are also using a similar concept for the same reasons and more. There are different types of tints. It is recommendable that you do your research or ask for recommendations from a window tinting expert. [...]

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    Businesses That Can Benefit from a Vehicle Wrap

    Everywhere we go, we're bound to see vehicles covered in personalized vinyl wraps. They always tend to appear neat, eye-catching, and concise making it easy to understand what's being advertised. Wraps are simple to put on and a low-cost way to get a message across to hundreds of people every week. They can be for just one vehicle or a fleet of them; auto-wrapping has been known to yield larger profit margins by increasing customers. In addition, Wraps can put consumers at ease by ensuring [...]

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    How Long Does It Take for Window Tint to Cure?

    Being one of the most common customizations to cars, window tint is a very vast market. This leads to not just a difference in tint percentage, but a vast range of brands and quality as well. Therefore, like most products a window tint's cure time can vary depending on the brand, material, and quality of the window tint. Another factor of the tint's cure time is the temperature of the climate your in. People will recommend you get your window tint done during the summer or in a [...]

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    How Dark Are You Allowed To Tint Your Cars Windows?

    When it comes to window tinting each state has its own guidelines. Each state breaks it down to the level of tinting and which windows are allowed to be. The best way I could think of to answer this layered question is to break it down state by state. Alabama: Front windshield is allowed to have the top 6 inches. Side windows and rear windshield are allowed less than 32% or 20% light reflection is not permitted. SUVs, vans, and trucks, are allowed 32% for windows. Alaska: Windshield is [...]

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