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  • While dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen every day, many people only apply it when they feel they are going to have extended sun exposure. This might be for a day at the beach or the ballpark. Wearing sunscreen is often associated with events that keep us outside in the sun. One place people don’t realize they are prone to sun exposure is in their car. For the daily commuter or the parent in the carline, for example, there is an even greater amount of sun exposure.


    Aside from the inconvenience and discomfort of a sunburn, many people apply sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Below are some statistics about skin cancer according to skincancer.org:


    • Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma.
    • In the U.S., more than 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. More than two people die of the disease every hour.
    • More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined.
    • On average, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns, but just one blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than double a person’s chances of developing melanoma later in life.
    • Regular daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing melanoma by 50 percent.


    In theory, applying sunscreen daily is a great solution to reducing your risk of skin cancer. Depending on what your normal morning looks like, this may not always be feasible. Mornings can be rushed and things beyond getting dressed and eating breakfast are often missed.


    One way to rest easy with reducing sun exposure is by protecting yourself in your car with window film. Windshields offer protection by law, but most side windows do not. UVA and UVB rays both contribute to the risk of skin cancer. While the UVB rays are blocked by the glass, the UVA rays are not. The window film is necessary to block the UVA rays.


    Not only do UVA rays contribute to skin cancer, but according to the Skin Cancer Foundation they also “cause the unwelcome signs of premature aging, including dark spots and wrinkles.”


    Even if you’re in a good habit of applying sunscreen, having window film applied to your car windows gives you an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Think of how much time you spend in your car and how many hours of protection you could give yourself and your passengers with this one easy solution.