Automotive Window Tinting

Auto Tinted Windows

Being informed on will increase your chances of getting good value for your money and also being satisfied with your decision. We provide information about our products and services because we feel a customer that is informed will feel confident in choosing Rayze to supply the products and service to best fit you needs.

Advantages of Tint

Reduces interior fading and damage. Interiors can fade, become brittle, and even crack due to being exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays. Our window films block 99% of these harmful rays to help protect your interior and keep it looking newer longer.

Tinted windows help block out heat to keep you cool and comfortable. They also help with drain on your AC for better fuel efficiency, as it requires less effort for cooling and maintaining.

Our Products

We use only professional grade window films from top world known suppliers that are know for their warranties against fading, bubbling, pealing, blistering, flaking, or delamination. Our window films are protected by a durable scratch resistant coating to give you the best looking film for the years to come.


A great tint job not only requires quality film be used, but also quality workmanship. At Rayze we use professional grade window film and our application methods are at the industry forefront.

We take all precautions to reduce any contamination (such as dust, lint ect.). We bring the window film within 1/16 of an inch to the top of the window and below the bottom door rubber for a clean professional finish.

For curved rear windows, we use the latest one-piece techniques, including heat shrinking, which allows us to tint windows in one piece.

Clear UV Film

Clear Comfort and safety you and your family deserve. Automotive windows typically offer a degree of protection by blocking the sun’s UVB light, but not deep-penetrating UVA rays. For the customer who wants virtually clear film with maximum UV protection, Clear UV film is the best selection. It is legal for application on all windows in every state. Promotes excellent visibility both inside and outside the vehicle, while minimizing glare and blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.

Avoid dangerous deterioration of seat belts and safety seat straps from sun overexposure. The national highway safety and traffic administration warns about this in their literature.

In the event of an accident in will help to hold shattered glass in place, helping to prevent injuries from flying shards.

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