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  • Everywhere we go, we’re bound to see vehicles covered in personalized vinyl wraps. They always tend to appear neat, eye-catching, and concise making it easy to understand what’s being advertised. Wraps are simple to put on and a low-cost way to get a message across to hundreds of people every week. They can be for just one vehicle or a fleet of them; auto-wrapping has been known to yield larger profit margins by increasing customers.

    In addition, Wraps can put consumers at ease by ensuring the vehicle is indeed from an actual business. Nowadays, one can even take pictures of the wrap on a vehicle and save it for later, or send it to someone else in need of the service shown.

    These wraps are often so professional, many people think they are for large businesses only. But that isn’t the case! Auto-wraps are for everyone and every business.; All companies large and small can greatly benefit from applying one of these to their vehicles.

    The most common types of businesses that benefit from automobile wraps are:

    • SEPTIC SERVICES: these are expensive, and to give credibility to the homeowners, an auto-wrap with all their information is just as important as the badge the worker is wearing.
    • PLUMBERS: When a plumber is hired to fix an issue in your home, you want to not only see a name tag but a vehicle-wrap that also identifies the company.
    • AUTO INSURANCERS: Insurance companies like to use auto-wraps on their vehicles because it not only advertises their business but also lets people know who’s responding to the scene of an accident; this paints them in a very positive light.
    • FOOD TRUCK/DELIVERY: Food-truck owners would be wise to use a wrap to stand out from the others. Many food trucks are old and worn, so applying a fresh wrap with clean, vibrant pictures of delicious food, will make people choose that truck above the others.
    • FLORISTS: When someone is surprised with flowers, seeing a beautifully-wrapped car featuring gorgeous flowers in brilliant colors just adds even more delight to their gift.
    • CONTRACTORS: Contractors usually have large jobs around the home that involve building, tearing down, and rebuilding, etc. In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, customers like to see them arrive in a vehicle decked out in an informative auto-wrap showing the details about who they are and what they do.
    • ELECTRICIANS: Electricians coming into one’s home to fix issues can be scary. Next to thoroughly vetting them and verifying their license, how they present themselves is just as important. When they arrive, seeing them get out of a decent vehicle neatly wrapped with all their information would be quite reassuring.
    • REALTORS: Being a real estate agent isn’t easy because there’s so many to choose from; to be successful, you want to stand out from the crowd. A nice, professional wrap on a real estate agent’s car will cause a second glance from people interested in buying or selling real estate.
    • UTILITY TRUCKS: It is good to know which utility company is working on the telephone pole wires outside your home! It’s just plain nice to know who is literally almost standing in your backyard.
    • EXTERMINATORS: You want the pests gone, and you want them gone for good! Not just anyone can correctly get rid of unwanted guests, so the homeowner will look for the most qualified to do this dirty job. That homeowner will have more trust if a vehicle pulls up showing the details of the business wrapped neatly around the vehicle.

    These business-niches that benefit from auto wraps are only a few out of the innumerable companies in the world today. There is literally no company that will not find new customers and increases profits. Wraps will forever and always lend a sense of credibility and authenticity to the business it advertises.