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  • Protect Against Smash and Grab Theft

    We are beginning to hear about smash and grab theft more and more. Smash and grab theft is described as someone quickly smashing out a window and grabbing/ stealing as much as they can, them making a quick getaway. Safety and Security film is an added layer of protection to help protect people and property! This can happen to anyone at any time. Security systems really can’t help much in this situation as it can happen so quickly and often times even before authorities are notified. We offer a solution to this; Safety and Security Film.

    These films are available in clear and tinted options; both clear or tinted options will reduce 99% of UV rays.

    It’s a multilayered polyester film that bonds to the inside of the window and reinforces the glass and helps hold it in place upon impact. These films have a high degree of elasticity that helps make it more resistant to a quick and easy break of the glass. This makes it more difficult to break the glass, which will delay the time the would be intruder has to enter the property. Safety and Security film can be installed a couple different ways.

    Safety and Security film will add benefits of privacy and lower your energy costs. Clear safety and security film is just that, CLEAR! You will hardly notice it is there. Give us a call today and we will be glad to help determine the option that will work best for application.

    Rayze SST, LLC