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  • Window tinting your home may seem like a weird idea, right? After all, you don’t see many homes in your neighborhood with tinted windows. Why wouldn’t you think it was weird? It’s something movie stars have to do, a security measure taken for people of high stature. And you’re not all wrong but you’re not all the way right either.

    Homes Can Benefit from Tints Too

    Most homes have glass paneling and in today’s world, that’s even more true. Houses are being built with more and more glass features as an added aesthetic. Or simply for a better view of the seasons, more sun exposure what have you.

    Residential window tinting can really benefit new homes and old ones too. Nothing weird about it. Here are three out of the many benefits residential window tinting can bring home. You can be the judge.

    Saves on Energy

    Yes, tinting your home’s windows can potentially lower your energy bill tremendously. The tint will help keep warmth from the heat in and cold from your AC unit. It’s that simple. Tint and save. Who doesn’t want to save money and still live super comfortable?

    Extra Protection Against Breaks

    Windows are always at risk of being broken especially the more windows you have. A home may look beautiful full of glass paneling, but it opens itself up to the risk of breakage. Bad weather, a tree branch, or even a soccer ball kicked by the neighbor’s kid all have a bigger target now.

    A professional window tinting job can help lessen the breakage. Adding that extra layer your window needs to be able to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound. No more glass going everywhere if and when a window breaks when it’s tinted.


    Privacy is a big one. Just because a person likes having a house full of windows doesn’t mean they don’t want their privacy. We all want our space especially when we are in our own homes. Our castles. Window tinting allows us to have both.

    You will get the privacy you want and still be able to have as many windows as you wish. No one will be able to see anything that’s going on inside your home when your windows are tinted. Just like on a limousine, tints will ensure no one knows what’s going on inside.

    Residential Tinting is a Great Investment

    Basically, you can’t go wrong with residential tinting. It can save you money, give you the privacy you desire, and add extra protection against breakage. Window tinting doesn’t have to be just for cars or the higher-ups.

    Its benefits are meant for all of us and just because it’s not common doesn’t make it weird. Or any less stylish for that matter. Have you ever seen a home with such a feature? It’s truly a sight to behold how much a simple tint job can add to a home’s beauty. While also giving it that extra little hint of mystery. Which from the inside is interpreted as an extra sense of security and peace.

    Rayze Stickers, Signs & Tint can help with your home window tinting.