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  • Signs are important to the business. They are a silent marketing tool that creates an identity that is unique to your company. They speak to anyone who sees them. Your signs become your brand. Signs are important both outside and inside your business. They are your spokesmen around the clock.

    Pay for a sign just one time and it will speak for you over and over again. It is affordable and enduring advertising that converts your business to a brand. Signs are a valuable marketing tool that no business should be without.

    Outdoor signs identify the business and its services or products. Often signs contain important information about hours of operation and how to contact the business. They tell the customer what to expect from the business before they even open the door. An attractive sign can draw people in whereas a poorly designed sign may turn customers away. First impressions are important. Your sign is the first introduction to your customer. Tell them what they need to hear.

    Indoor signage works as a road map. It improves the shopper experience by helping people navigate the store. Signs lead or direct a shopper to find what they need. It also helps them remember needs that may have slipped their mind. Indoor signs introduce people to new ideas, products, or services. Inside your business, a sign will direct your customers to the products they want. They may, in fact, create a need, by the power of suggestion.

    Good signage is a wise investment. Professional signage works for you and for your business all day and all night. Your sign provides a visual anchor point, a landmark that your customers will remember to find you again. They can refer to it many times at no extra cost to you beyond your initial investment.

    Once you have a sign you have converted your business into a brand. Brand recognition follows in the wake of professional signage. It is important to have a readable lettering and an attractive logo to establish your business identity. Signs are everywhere, and we hardly notice them, but they are presenting a message to everyone who sees them.

    Signs are important for your business. They present your brand identity. Inside and outside of your establishment they guide traffic, creating interest and sales.

    A sign provides a positive first impression for potential customers. Your location is easily found by your sign no matter if it is day or night.

    An initial investment in a quality sign pays off many times over the years. Your sign carries your message all hours of the day and night.

    Signs become your brand. They inform and invite customers. They are salesmen, but people do not regard them as “pushy”.

    Well placed signage improves the customer experience and creates repeat customers.

    A business that has no signs is like a person who has no voice.