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  • When you pay to have window tinting installed on your vehicle, quality matters for two main reasons. The first is appearance. Inferior work may look good for a while, but it will rather quickly start to show signs of aging.

    That leads to the second reason which is duration. Quality window tinting will last a long time. You will not have to pay for a second treatment. The cheap window treatment will need to be replaced due to the deteriorating appearance.

    Quality means tinting that blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. In addition, it lowers the heat that builds up in the interior of the car. It cuts down on glare and eye strain that can cause vision problems for the driver.

    There is another element that is sometimes overlooked. The sun causes fading and cracking to the seats. This further detracts from the appearance of your vehicle. Quality window tinting can mitigate that effect.

    A vehicle owner wants the tinting to not interfere with devices such as keyless entry, mobile devices like phones and tablets, and any other similar device. Quality window tinting will provide that protection. You will receive your phone calls as if you were outside.

    One important consideration with quality window tinting is compliance with local and state laws. Most governments will have restrictions on light transmission. That means the tinting can only block out so much light. There are two primary reasons.

    One is for the occupants to be able to see out. This especially applies to the driver. The other is protection for law enforcement officers who approach vehicles after a traffic stop. They need to be able to see inside for their protection.

    Quality window tinting will comply with all laws. You can also request that the tinting be the maximum allowed by law. This will provide all the occupants of the vehicle with the most legal protection.

    Quality means the finest materials and an experienced installer. This will translate into tinting that resists scratching. It keeps its color and does not develop a purple tint. There are no gaps. You will also not see any bubbles in the tinting which is caused by poor quality adhesive material and failure to properly prep the window prior to installation.

    There are two areas on a motor vehicle where quality really matters. One is the dot matrix at the top of the front windshield and the other is the defroster wires on the rear window. If you see bubbling on the wires, then there is a lack of quality installation, top of the line materials, or both.

    The front window is another problem. The dots create bumps and are designed to resist anything adhering to them. It requires skill to adhere to the tinting. You can tell true quality workmanship when examining this area of the car.

    Quality results from the use of the best materials. It also involves a top-notch tinting installer. You should receive a lifetime warranty for both the materials and labor.