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  • Sleek and colorful are two words that are used to describe a vehicle wrap these days. Years ago, a vehicle wrap’s use was for advertisements’ sole purpose, but that has changed. A vinyl wrap consists of heavy-duty vinyl and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and it has adhesive at the back, which will then be applied to the body of the car. While the wrap is affordable and easy to use, it is for temporary use.

    Today painting a vehicle is not the go-to option ever since the inception of the vehicle wrap. People can apply a vinyl wrap to their car because they want a different color on it and because the vinyl wrap is more affordable than painting. Below you will find five tips on how to protect your vehicle wrap if and when you decide to get it done.

    How often should your wrap be washed?
    It is best to wash the vinyl wrap weekly or bi-weekly. While it is reasonable to wash your car with a paint job regularly, you cannot clean the vinyl often because it will breakdown the design and color. The best soap to use while washing the wrap are detergents that do not contain wax or any other kind of protective agent, and it must be PH balanced.

    What products should you use for your wrap?
    Vinyl wraps will get wear and tear from things such as UV rays from the sun, harsh chemicals, and contaminants. Still, there are ways to slow that process so that you get more extended use, which you can achieve by using a semi-Permanent protection layer to protect the wrap. One such is a Nano-ceramic coating called Armor Shield IX. It is liquid quarts that once it dries, it becomes hard. It works on any vinyl lettering, graphics that are on cars, and fleet graphics.

    How to wash your wrap
    You want to wash the vinyl wrap without damaging it, you can do it yourself or have someone do it for you, but it is not safe to go through automatic car washes because the big brushes can damage your wrap. The bucket method of washing cars is the best method to use to wash vinyl wraps. That way, you get all the dirt and grime off without damaging the wrap. Also, you must not use a high-pressure hose to rinse or wash the wrap either.

    The best product to use to spot clean your wrap
    Some vinyl wrap experts recommend that you use waterless products to clean your wrap or hot soapy water. However, some believe that using degreasers or Isopropyl alcohol diluted with distilled water is ok to use. Never spray cleaner on a warm vinyl because it will damage it. They recommend that you use cleaners on a cool to the touch vinyl surface in the shade or a garage.

    How to clean oil/grease from vinyl
    Oil buildup can be hazardous to vinyl wraps. Gasoline can also cause damage and staining to the wrap. To clean the wrap, get a paper towel, and clean the area with a lot of water. As soon as you can or when you reach home, you should hand wash the area using the two bucket method.

    The wraps are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and styles, all of which are customizable. Once you have gotten the wrap you desire, be sure to use the five simple tips above to help care for it so that it stays strong and last long.